2023 WA Best Fibreglass Lap Pool

2023 SPASA award-winning fibreglass lap pool by Freedom Pools & Spas, featuring a 12m pool with smart phone connectivity for easy control, installed in a limited space site in WA, Australia.

The 2023 WA Best Fibreglass Lap Pool award was bestowed upon a stunning project executed by Freedom Pools & Spas. This 12m lap pool, nestled into a compact site, offers a family the luxury of year-round swimming. The project stands out not just for its aesthetic appeal, but also for its integration of cutting-edge technology. The pool is equipped with the latest smart pool equipment, enabling easy and quick control of all pool functions via smartphone connectivity. This seamless blend of design, functionality, and technology truly sets this project apart, making it a deserving recipient of the prestigious SPASA award.

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