2023 WA Best Concrete Pool up to $60,000

2023 WA Best Concrete Pool up to $60,000 award winner by Boardwalk Pools featuring a swim-up bar, infinity edge, turquoise mosaic tiles, DuraQuartz finish, and Viron Technology powered salt chlorinator and LED pool lights, all remotely operated - PoolQuotes.com.au

The 2023 WA Best Concrete Pool up to $60,000 award was bestowed upon a stunning project by Boardwalk Pools. This unique design features a swim-up bar that overlooks a private jetty, providing a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere for the homeowners. The pool’s infinity edge creates a mesmerizing illusion of water seamlessly flowing into the canals below. The pool is finished in vibrant Turquoise mosaic Tiles and DuraQuartz, which beautifully contrast the client’s granite bar top and matching bar stools. These elements harmoniously blend with the surrounding decking, creating a cohesive and visually pleasing aesthetic. The pool is powered by Viron Technology and includes a Salt Chlorinator, White LED Pool & Catchment Lights, all of which can be remotely operated for convenience and ease. This project is a testament to the innovative and high-quality work that Boardwalk Pools consistently delivers.

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