2023 WA Best Concrete Pool up to $240,000

2023 WA Best Concrete Pool award winner by Graziani Pools + Landscape, featuring a 12-metre infinity edge pool with a circular window overlooking parkland, a wading area for safe entry, and a floating pool deck, perfectly positioned to reflect the sky and surrounding trees.

The 2023 WA Best Concrete Pool award winner, crafted by Graziani Pools + Landscape, is a stunning example of innovative design and technical mastery. This 12-metre pool, with its infinity edge wall and circular window, offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding parkland. The pool’s razor-sharp edges, achieved through the clever concealment of an overflow trough and intricate technical work, add to its sleek and modern aesthetic. A wading area provides a safe and comfortable entry to the pool, while steps across this area lead to a floating pool deck. The pool’s strategic positioning and reflective surface design allow it to beautifully mirror the sky and surrounding trees, creating a serene and picturesque swimming experience.

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