2023 VIC Best Enclosed / Indoor Pool

2023 SPASA award-winning indoor pool by Aloha Pools, featuring elegant design, playful materials, calming colour palette, and full-length spill-over viewing acrylic panels, creating a stunning reflective sculpture-like-structure at Curatorial House, blurring the boundaries between art and interiors.

The 2023 SPASA award for Best Enclosed/Indoor Pool in Victoria was deservedly won by Aloha Pools for their exceptional work on the Curatorial House Pool. This project is a testament to the seamless integration of art and interior design, with every detail meticulously crafted. The pool features elegant, playful materials and a soothing colour palette, enhanced by innovative lighting features. The full-length spill-over viewing acrylic panels create a stunning reflective effect, transforming the pool into a sculpture-like structure. This project truly embodies the concept of art in sync with life, offering a unique and immersive aquatic experience.

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