2023 VIC Best Concrete Pool over $240,000

2023 SPASA award-winning concrete pool over $240,000 by Personal Pools featuring a 26.5m long design with full automation and acrylic windows overlooking lush greenery, showcased on poolquotes.com.au

The 2023 SPASA award for Best Concrete Pool over $240,000 in Victoria was deservedly won by Personal Pools for their impressive 26.5m-long design. The owners of this project had a vision to incorporate the most advanced automation features available in the industry, pushing the boundaries of what is typically expected in pool design. One of the standout elements of this project is the inclusion of acrylic windows, which are strategically placed above a vibrant wall of greenery. This unique feature not only adds a modern aesthetic to the pool but also allows for an intriguing view of the lush vegetation. The result is a stunning fusion of technology and nature, creating a truly remarkable swimming experience.

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