2023 QLD Best Residential Water Feature

SPASA 2023 award-winning residential water feature by Living Style Co, featuring a 22-meter marble wet wall, feature pond, and cascading waterfall at a luxury holiday rental in Queensland, Australia.

The 2023 QLD Best Residential Water Feature award was bestowed upon a truly mesmerizing project, “Dancing Water,” crafted by the talented team at Living Style Co. This stunning water feature, which serves as the centerpiece of a luxury holiday rental, is a testament to the power of water in creating a serene and captivating environment. The feature is a complex blend of a 22 lineal meter wet wall, a feature pond, and a cascading waterfall. Upon arrival, guests are immediately drawn to the sight of water gracefully flowing down a marble wet wall. As they venture further into the property via a floating walkway, they are met with a waterfall adjacent to the entry steps, rounding off a truly immersive sensory experience. This project is a perfect example of how thoughtful design and expert execution can transform a space into a tranquil oasis.

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