2023 QLD Best Renovation up to $60,000

SPASA 2023 QLD Best Renovation award-winning project by Living Style Co, featuring two private courtyard pools created from a large shared pool, optimising the original structural footprint for privacy and style.

The 2023 QLD Best Renovation up to $60,000 award was bestowed upon a remarkable project by Living Style Co, aptly named “Two peas in a pod.” This project was a testament to the skill and craftsmanship of the tradespeople involved, as it entailed the transformation of a large shared pool into two separate, private courtyard pools. The original structure was extensively modified, and from the remnants, two completely private pools were born, each fitting perfectly within the original structural footprint. The result is a stunning example of innovative design and meticulous execution, demonstrating how a space can be reimagined to better suit the needs of its users.

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